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fujyoshi stamp by masa-sengoku fujyoshi stamp by masa-sengoku
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    腐女子 - Fujyoshi
    are you? >3 :heart:

      - I am >D

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Q: What is 腐女子 (Fujyoshi)? :iconcuriosityplz:

A: they are those type of people (females only) that:

:bulletpink: go to any otaku-ish events no matter what it costs
:bulletpink: using money (to buy animes/mangas/games' goods) as like they are being flush down the toilet....
:bulletpink: .... but NEVER regretting it >9
:bulletpink: love BL doujinshis!!! >D
:bulletpink: meals feed ur stomach - but when saying "moe~", it feeds ur soul <3

:bulletpink: when coming home from events, the newly bought goods/doujinshis are ur dream, hope & future - or so what ur heart thinks x33
:bulletpink: doujinshi-kas? they are my gods!!! >D
:bulletpink: even have BL OCs+the stories of ur own ;D
:bulletpink: u know the differences between [yaoi & BL] & also between [fujyoshi & otaku]

:bulletpink: mostly (stereo-typically), looks plain outside, & were very shy or timid, but will go all out during events
:bulletpink: & the stamina for that is infinite too.... "IT'S SHOW TIME!!"
:bulletpink: ...... as like she is a completely different person ^www^;;;
:bulletpink: ..... but will be back to her timid self the second she face to face with people who are not otaku/fujyoshi(s) >/////>

:bulletpink: IRL, preferably want to be left alone...
:bulletpink: .... but love to talk with another person of the same "category" (ie: fujyoshi of the same fandom) : D
:bulletpink: different pairing of the same fandom? (or even its the pairing that u dont like?) - who cares? lets moe together! 8DD
:bulletpink: altho in the heart, she screams "i cant believe it!! that pairing!!!?!"
:bulletpink: but will never say that out loud - respect each others, ur world, my world, thx ;3

:bulletpink: always want to live in the world inside the otome games - "ITS A PARADISE!!!" >/////<
:bulletpink: but! instead of wanting the male chara(s) end up with the female(s)/us, its better if: male chara A ends up with male chara B!! >//////<
:bulletpink: but preferably IRL, wants an otaku as a boyfriend - cause we can understand each other more xB
:bulletpink: & at times, going "my fandoms aint losing to urs!!" with the boyfriend...... but I still love you~~~ >vv<

:bulletpink: have a "fetish" to a certain seiyuus' voice(s) xDDDD
:bulletpink: ..... & if ur fav seiyuu A & ur fav seiyuu B are going to voiced the charas from a same series "OMG! Dream team!!!!"

:bulletpink: when was ask bout: "whats the opposite of *"seme"??" to a fujyoshi - 99% will unconsciously answer "UKE!!" - & at the 1% possibilty answer is "uk..... MAMORU!!..?"
* (fyi: seme = attack; mamoru = defend) xDDDD
:bulletpink: fujyoshi people are juz..... way complicated than one might ever think |P

    ~ all those above explanations/quotes are partly taken & translated directly from:
    腐女子 取り扱い 説明書
    (fujyoshi toriatsukai setsumeisho - fujyoshi's instruction manual);
    published by Kotobukiya :iconimhappyplz:
    buy the book to read the complete explanations & better understanding! lolz xDD - oh, its in jap btw :3
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June 5, 2009
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